Make a Difference Day

This information was taken from our local newspaper.  It is a national, annual thing.  So, if you don’t catch it this year, look for it the next.  I’m sure the prize money is specific to this year.

Start a project. Volunteer. Make a difference.
Join us for Make A Difference Day on Saturday, October 24th when millions across the nation will unite to improve the lives of others.
You can register your project here: You’ll have the opportunity to receive 1 of 13 $10,000 donations from Newman’s Own.
In its 24th year, Make A Difference Day is a USA TODAY initiative and is the largest national day of community service. Whether it’s cleaning a local park or working with your town’s animal rescue center, you can serve your local community and make a positive impact on Make A Difference Day.
You can choose to start your own project or work on one that’s already been established – every contribution makes a difference. Many projects also need volunteers to support their efforts. Search on to find one near you.

A mother’s must see movie

Mom’s Night Out
is definitely a movie mothers with small children, especially stay at home moms, can relate to. It was so funny I was crying. It is not the kind of movie that interests the children, all but my nine year old left the room. It is also not for people who would be offended by Christian values since it appears to be a Christian film. I super, super loved it. It is a very good reminder of how and why we mothers shouldn’t and can’t lose perspective or our minds. :-) It is very encouraging. Happy Mothering! I’d love to buy a copy for all my sisters.


Mirror 01
If you’re like I was
you won’t have a clue
how to live up to
your most beautiful you

But you have what it takes and
you won’t build alone
as you discover yourself
you’ll find you
have grown

DarEll S. Hoskisson
March 2015

Project Sprouts

This came as a personal request through email. I know the Rogers family. If you’re looking for a way to help, this could make a difference right away. They are working on providing educational opportunities to all. I hope you look into it. Love, DarEll

Family and Friends,

Thanks so much for the generous support of this effort! We’ve raised $3,547 as of this morning, well on our way to the first phase needs of $5,000.

We’d really like to hit $11,000 to enable the small construction projects as well (building latrines). Please consider going out to this link to see pictures of these kids and their villages, and know that your contribution is being used almost 100% toward their welfare.

To you who have donated to date, thank you, thank you. A broad base of contributors is what makes this platform opportunity so effective. If there are friends or family you could bring in to this effort, that would be much appreciated.

Eliminate maternal/neonatal tetanus with Kiwanis and Unicef

I was just walking out of Sam’s club when someone asked me if I’d like to save a baby’s life.  Well, of course I would. 

They gave me information about the “Eliminate Project”.  Preventing MNT, a completely preventable disease that kills 60,000 mothers and babies a year.

For more information, you can check out their website at

It only costs $1.80 to vaccinate one mother and her future babies.



I heard the dark clouds are threatening
You’ve been struck by lightning
a time or two
and Yet you are still standing–
although with a limp, it’s true.

We know the storms will end but
hurricanes cause devastating loss.
We futility worry and wonder,
What will it ultimately cost?

But we also know that with rain
come the rainbows
as the light shows the
beauty in the storm.

We will certainly see
promised treasures
when we perceive them
in any form.

–DarEll S. Hoskisson 3/4/15

The Fledgling

The Fledgling

I stand high, free
The sun rains down on me
as I open my arms, palms to the sky
I already know I can fly

I’ve seen you soaring
high above the trees
Your mighty wings overshadowing me,
I’m nurtured, protected

So often, you let me ride on your back
You’ve made it easy
and I see
I’m still standing on your shoulders.