A Lady

With a feline grace

she walks along the fence

and royally refuses

to give up in any sense.

She is careful

she is neat

and though life is long and hard

she will not admit defeat.

She’s creative

and won’t allow

problems or surprises

to cause a cow.

She is patient

and is fine

with a friend

that we call time.

An excellent example of

realistic expectations

she encourages me to

flow with the changes

that inevitably are part

of life to be expected

and while never giving up

still need to be accepted

She teaches me by example

how to royally hold my chin

accept life as it comes

but never to give in.

Linking Generations–Get or give advice

I just found out about a great opportunity to get or give free advice.

Seniors can volunteer at their own convenience.

Just like asking Google, you can ask a real person in real time for their advice.

I’m so excited about this.  I don’t want a whole generation of wisdom to be lost.

The problem of technology becomes a vehicle for a solution.  Interestingly enough, this whole set up was made possible by a generous donation from Google.

Elder Wisdom Circle–Get or Volunteer to Give Advice


Give and Take by Adam Grant

In this book, the author divides people into three types: givers, matchers and takers. Givers are those who believe in doing things for common good, matchers only give if they get and takers just&#…

Source: Give and Take by Adam Grant

I have learned this for myself in my own life. I very much appreciate this article. Couldn’t say it better myself. Thanks for sharing.



That bitter sentence


a black hole

swallowing my dreams.

I dangle over the abyss.

“No more,” and

“never again,”


mocking my wishes,

carving canyons


to cross.

I expected better

although I don’t know why

I feel cheated,



Am I still myself?

I hate this new


One without warning.



How can I





—DarEll S. Hoskisson 1/16

The final punctuation is up to the reader.

Is it:

How can I accept this?



How can I accept this “never?”